Authenticated letter by William Barret Travis 1831

The actual name of William Barret Travis (1809-1836) evokes the actual romance and stories of early Traditional western history when outdoorsmen and empresarios solid the independent Republic of Texas. Two legal paperwork written on two sides of the single sheet, because was the customized, acquired at a good auction directly connect, to a quantity of personalities who were intimately involved with this early Texas background. What adds towards the remarkable document is it was penned upon both sides by Travis in February, 1831 throughout the period he had served like a lawyer in Anahuac and San Felipe de Austin about the Brazos river. The Decree associated with April 6, 1830 and new restrictions put in place by the actual Mexican government in order to restrict Anglo-American immigration in to Texas posed substantial barriers for brand new arriving lawyers. As well as merchants. Most of those individuals, including Travis who had found its way to 1831 from Alabama had no right to work. 2 Since the cauldron of insurrection simmered, the document implies that Travis practiced their profession in San Felipe de Austin where he’d resettle the subsequent year. The first side from the document is funds claim by
John Austin (1801-1833) brought against Joshua Parker (1790-1838).

Distantly associated with Stephen Austin, John Austin aided him or her in settling the initial colonists and became constable from the district of San Felipe de Austin in 1824. He’d become alcalde of Brazoria Municipality in 1832 and participated within the Anahuac Disturbances during exactly the same year. It was John Austin who commanded in the battle of Velasco. Launching an effective two pronged attack from the ship and through land, Johnson received Col. Domingo deUgartechea’s surrender from the fort. He later on signed the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, and will be elected Brigadier General of militia. It’s not known what additional military or political stature he’d have attained using the outbreak of trend. John Austin died the following year in the cholera epidemic which additionally took the life of his 2 children.

Joshua Parker was among Stephen Austin’s original “Old Three Hundred Colonists”. An aquaintance associated with William B. Travis, Parker was the fanner and stockman having a record of quarrels. He was detailed in 1830 among the people who needed to comply with the conditions of the grants or possess their land sold through the ayuntamiento of San Felipe.

The first side from the document is authorized by three additional prominent and historical personalities. Francis White Johnson (1799-1884) indicators the document because alcalde, a position he’d held for the entire year 1831. The subsequent year, he became a company captain throughout the battle of Anahuac. In 1835, Johnson had been appointed Adjutant and Inspector General below Stephen Austin and Edward Burleson. In 1835, he led a column within the battle for San Antonio, and from Ben Milam’s death, essentially accepted the actual Mexican surrender (even though Burleson would go back to assume control once again), and became the very first actual Texas-American revolutionary in command from the Alamo. In revenge of opposition through Sam Houston and Governor Henry Smith, Johnson created plans in January, 1836 in order to invade Mexico at Matamoros. The ill-fated expedition led to the capture or death of but Johnson as well as four others. From 1873 towards the end of their life, Johnson grew to become the founding
president of the Texas Veterans Association.

Another signature is which of Nathaniel Townsend (1804-1864), vendor and diplomat for that Republic of Texas. Townsend established the thriving business in San Felipe de Austin that was burned with the arrival from the Mexican army within March, 1836. After self-reliance, Townsend was called in 1837 as consul for that Republic of Texas in New Orleans through Sam Houston. During the actual Civil War, he or she returned to their native New York exactly where he died through illness. The last personal is that of Shubael Marsh (?-1868), who had been also one associated with Stephen Austin’s “Old Three Hundred” colonists. Marsh took the actual oath of loyalty towards the Mexican government throughout April, 1824 and obtained land in what’s now Brazoria County. Within 1830, he was appointed to gather money to provide an army to cope with a threat associated with any Spanish intrusion. The same 12 months, he presided because sindico procurador over a good election at Bolivar. Throughout the era of the actual Republic, he grew to become a Trustee of Independence Female Academy.

The 2nd legal case, a claim on the other hand of the record, is also written within the hand of Travis while not signed by him or her. It involves a claim with a Jabez Barney against Marcelina Mailinar. Just like the first situation, the document describes particular amounts stated and fees. Once again at the end of the record we find Johnson’s personal as Alcalde of San Felipe de Austin..

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